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The fifth panel is darkness.

...That sounds kind of emo if you don't get the reference, doesn't it?

30 day art challenge - day 1
Lucky Star, Bob Ross
All right, so in the interest of forcing myself to draw more, I've taken up a bit of a 30-day drawing challenge. The challenge is as follows:

1) Draw a new picture every day
2) Use a different original character or fanart for each one
3) Experiment with something! A different technique, perspective, composition, etc.
4) Try to make each picture look completely distinct from all the others

Here's my effort for day 1:

WARNING: Spider drawing behind the cutCollapse )

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AO3 and general musings
Since there's a group of people going around getting fanfic removed from fanfiction.net (warning: there's some pretty nasty screencaps of reviews left by these individuals on that page,) I've decided to mirror all of my fanfic over at Archive of Our Own (AO3.) My AO3 account is [archiveofourown.org profile] goldengrimoire.

I've been thinking about easing back into writing fanfic for a while, so I may just do that as part of this process. I'm going to be revising at least some of the things I posted before and possibly continuing some of the unfinished ones. I do have a few ideas floating around in my head lately as well.

Funnily enough this impulse is coming even when I've been getting gradually more and more disenchanted with the Naruto manga over the years; I still enjoy most of my favorite characters and pairings, but I'm getting really tired of the retcons and the general plot and thematic direction. Maybe it's that dissatisfaction that's making me want to write fic again, since my fic is pretty much all AU after a certain point, or AU from the outset, and that lets me sort of 'rescue' the characters from the direction canon has taken.

I don't know, I haven't felt much of an impulse to write fic for another fandom. There are a lot of fandoms I like, but not many have engaged me on that particular level. Naruto had a great setting and great open-ended characters that both really grabbed me but had room to explore. Maybe I just need to shop around for some new fandoms and I might find The One again.

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New Digs!
Konan snaps!
For a number of reasons, I've decided to migrate my journal activities over to Dreamwidth. I'll still be checking my Livejournal f-list periodically, but any of my posts that appear on Livejournal after this one will be crossposts from Dreamwidth.

What does this mean for folks on my LJ flist?

• If you aren't interested in touching Dreamwidth at all, you can still comment on the crossposted entries right on LJ, no change needed; Dreamwidth-specific entries won't be crossposted, but I figure if you aren't using Dreamwidth you probably don't want your Livejournal f-list spammed with that stuff.

• If you'd like to comment on my Dreamwidth journal, you don't even need a Dreamwidth account. Livejournal and Dreamwidth both support OpenID, which means you can use your LJ journal account to read and comment on Dreamwidth, as detailed here.

• If you've made a Dreamwidth account, just leave a comment to let me know who you are and I'll add you. :)

Drawing time: Hinata!
Lucky Star, Bob Ross
Felt like sketching something today, so here's Hinata. Done in SAI using the Legacy Brush, which I quite like since it's very smooth to sketch with.

I think this is the first girl picture I've posted in a while; I actually used to only draw girls for a long time, it's only more recently that I've been drawing dudes.

Maybe I'll make an icon out of it later...

Full size at DeviantArt

New Picture!
Lucky Star, Bob Ross
Okay, so I kind of disappeared down the black hole that is RP for a while there (which I'll probably elaborate on further in another post,) but I'm still drawing and stuff. I recently picked up Illustrator CS5 for my birthday, and I've been puttering around with that a bit. It's quite a step up from the old version of Illustrator I had (8, which wouldn't install under Vista,) and a lot of the interface has changed so it's going to take me some time to learn all the features. I'm going to be picking up a book for this purpose shortly, but here's the initial fruits of my labor thus far:

Full-size version at DeviantArt.

Obviously, small Sasoris and giant donuts go well together. It's a strange idea that popped out of nowhere so don't ask me to explain it...

It's that time again...
Percy Weasely
The How's My Driving? Meme

More proof I need help.
Lucky Star, Bob Ross
My intial response to this was "Hentai ship. *pause* tentacles? 83c"

Which eventually resulted in the following after some percolation through plurk:

Cthulhu/Sasuke OTP. They're rosy-cheeked and enjoying some delicious hot cocoa after ice skating.

Edit: ffff now with the actual freakin Roleplay secret link.

/bows to peer pressure
Sasori Lizard
I made a plurk. Now everyone will see what a mental spaz I really am.

Time for another RP icon meme
SasoSaku, Nekomataya, Naruto, doujinshi
I did this over at a_facility (which seems to make with the pervy memes rather often) and thought I might as well crosspost it here. I can't seem to stop making porny icons; it's an addiction.
The Sex Face MemeCollapse )

Yes, I live!
Sasori Flowers
So yeah it's been forever since I've posted anything over here. Quick summary of recent events:

- To celebrate our wedding anniversary, I went to Italy with my husband at the beginning of April for a week, and it was amazing and lovely! I walked my feet off but I had an incredible time. Pics and a proper writeup about the trip will be forthcoming when I finish going through the pictures I took (and i took a lot!)

- My fic writing efforts aren't dead! I'm still working on Shogi, slowly...and when I have things a little more in hand I'll see about getting out a couple other almost-done oneshots I've had sitting around on my HD forever.

- In RP land I was enabled heavily by my RP partner-in-crime, the lovely oceanica , (among others,) and picked up Sasori over at a_facility . I'm obviously completely nuts to take on three games at once.

- Semi-related to the above, I really, really need to draw some Sasori/Kankuro fanart because damn it there's like...none. This is vexing.


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