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The fifth panel is darkness.

...That sounds kind of emo if you don't get the reference, doesn't it?

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AO3 and general musings
Since there's a group of people going around getting fanfic removed from fanfiction.net (warning: there's some pretty nasty screencaps of reviews left by these individuals on that page,) I've decided to mirror all of my fanfic over at Archive of Our Own (AO3.) My AO3 account is [archiveofourown.org profile] goldengrimoire.

I've been thinking about easing back into writing fanfic for a while, so I may just do that as part of this process. I'm going to be revising at least some of the things I posted before and possibly continuing some of the unfinished ones. I do have a few ideas floating around in my head lately as well.

Funnily enough this impulse is coming even when I've been getting gradually more and more disenchanted with the Naruto manga over the years; I still enjoy most of my favorite characters and pairings, but I'm getting really tired of the retcons and the general plot and thematic direction. Maybe it's that dissatisfaction that's making me want to write fic again, since my fic is pretty much all AU after a certain point, or AU from the outset, and that lets me sort of 'rescue' the characters from the direction canon has taken.

I don't know, I haven't felt much of an impulse to write fic for another fandom. There are a lot of fandoms I like, but not many have engaged me on that particular level. Naruto had a great setting and great open-ended characters that both really grabbed me but had room to explore. Maybe I just need to shop around for some new fandoms and I might find The One again.

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I've been doing the same with most of my fic. So far it's just newer stuff I'm posting there but I may get into the older stuff if it starts coming down on FF.net.

I know what you mean about wanting to write fic, but feeling disenchanted with Naruto. Love love love the fandom, and I still love my pairings and characters, but lately, they've just been glossed over kinda like an 'ohHaiThere.' and they're gone for a while.

I've been shopping around for other fandoms as well, unfortunately the ones I've fell into are smaller fandoms so there's not a lot of activity. I hope you find what you're looking for :)

Yeah, I played through the first Ultimate Ninja Storm game on the PS3 recently and it made me feel depressingly nostalgic for the Part 1 stuff since it's a great game (working through the second one now.)

It's kind of hard to maintain enthusiasm when you start dreading the latest chapter instead of being excited over it.

What fandoms are you involved in these days?

Even harder to maintain enthusiasm when it feels like so many are dropping out of the fandom itself, like there's not a lot of positive squee. I too, feel as if I'm waiting on 'is this next chapter going to be good or bad?'

I'm getting into small book fandoms like the Seven Kingdoms trilogy (Graceling, Fire and Bitterblue) and the Mercedes Thompson Series. Paranormal Romance seems to have piqued my interest these days.

Yeah I haven't been much in touch with the fandom side of things outside of the few people I RP with.

And book fandoms sound interesting! My book backlog is a mile long these days.

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